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Turn the daunting process of understanding student loans and how they affect your finances into an easy-to-follow system. Because you didn’t go to college to ball on a budget. You want to make money moves. Right?

Have we met before? This might sound familiar. You’re:

Struggling with juggling student loan payments and finding your first job.

Overwhelmed, because no one ever explained all the jargon that comes with adulting and paying your student loans, let alone how to manage them.

Frustrated, because it seems no matter what you do you'll never be financially stable.

Confused with all the information that’s out there and clueless on where to even begin.

Let’s face it. Your personal life, credit, and savings account are all suffering. There’s an easier way for you to understand what student loans work best for you, learn powerful payoff tips, and finally receive everything you need to know about consolidation and refinancing.

The digital money resource with checklists, worksheets and videos to guide you in managing and mastering your student loans.

After taking this course, you will learn about loan servicing, loan forgiveness, consolidation, and the available refinancing and payoff options.

You deserve to be in charge of your financial decisions when it comes to your education.

You deserve to know the real facts that they make so hard to understand.

You deserve financial freedom.

You signed up for a degree and an amazing career. Not decades of debt!

Time to Dig Into the Details:

Below is an overview of what's included in the course and the money moves you will learn.

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"Despite my 35K salary, I still found myself living with my parents, paycheck to paycheck, with a savings account of $0 and not making enough to pay my bills. As my income was growing, so was my debt. What was I missing? I had a job, but I needed Shannah. I created a budget and immediately found holes in my finances. By following her guidance, I started saving small amounts here and there, and in 6 months of dedicated listening, I saved $1,061.78, paid off $11,182 in debt and got on track to make more money without a raise. My bitterness toward my massive student loan debt was replaced with confidence."

- Lily


Sallie Mafia is a complete millennial money resource with checklists, worksheets and videos to guide you in managing your student loans.

We can teach you how to position yourself to better understand all aspects of your loan including deferments, consolidation and refinancing.

Learn how to incorporate your payment plan into your budget and send your loan packing.

Dive into what you need to know about loan servicing, loan forgiveness, consolidation and refinancing and payoff options.

Our teacher, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNING professional and Millennial Money Expert, Shannah Compton Game, will be dishing all her Sallie Mafia expertise in this course chalked full of tips and strategies that you need to know.

"I came to Shannah with tons of questions about my personal budget and she gave me so much valuable advice on what to do and how to budget. She is so encouraging and positive about budgeting and saving which made me believe I could do it too. In addition, as an entrepreneur, keeping track of my finances is vital and Shannah showed me how to help keep track of everything! So, when tax season came around this year, I was ready! She's the best, don't look anywhere else!"

- Lainey


The Life Currency brings color, creativity and community to millennial females. We are a one-stop content based platform offering education, empowerment and inspiration to college students, corporate rockstars and entrepreneurs alike. Seeking guidance on how to best build upon and develop your personal and professional life? You need some TLC.

Shannah Compton Game is a midwestern girl, a CFP®, with an MBA, started her first business at 19 in college, traveled the world, is a regular on the speaking circuit, a writer that can be found in many online publications, and has been recognized for her achievements in business. Her real passion though is creating a money movement, where talking about money is not a taboo topic. She is not your teacher, however is here to teach you how to empower yourself to create the life you have in your head. To go out there and find the answers to your money questions. To take charge of your future.

"As a college student, I can’t speak highly enough of what Shannah has taught me. I was introduced to the concepts of money, savings, budgeting, credit, and special tactics to use if you ever find yourself in a stressful financial situation. Working with Shannah was the best decision I have ever made. The concepts of money are extremely important, especially for college students were money can be an issue. I learned how easy it is to budget and save money, even for a college student and I feel empowered that I have the tools I need to manage my money like a pro in my 20’s."

- Cameron

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What you need to know

Here we cover the basics around payments, budgeting and credit.

The basics of your student loan

When to pay it and things to remember

How to incorporate payments into your budget

How it will affect your credit score

What happens if you go back to school, lose your job, or miss payments

Resource: Student Loan Organizer Worksheet


Consolidation & Refinancing

Here we cover when and why you should consider these alternatives.

The difference between consolidation and refinancing

When you should consolidate all your loans into one loan

How to refinance your loans to lower your interest rate and payment

The pros and cons of each of these options and companies to use


Send Your Loan Packing - Powerful payoff tips

Here we cover how to pay your student loans off faster and pay less in the long run.

Tips to rapidly pay off your student loan and why you would want to consider this

How to attack debt with a strategy

Resource: Student Loan Repayment Worksheet

+ Bonus Worksheets!

What you get

Expert video + text lessons!

& Worksheets!

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"I love the practical tips Shannah gives. Because of her advice, I have a much clearer picture of my monthly finances. I actually sit down and create my budget paying attention to areas that I go "over" on and adjust the next month. The most important thing I've learned is that a budget is a tool to help me do what I want with the money I earn!"

- Jacqueline


It's time to invest in yourself

Don’t waste another day stressing about your loans.

Sallie Mafia gives you the upper hand in dismantling the confusion of loan options, banking lingo and interest rates.



Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to complete this course?
No worries, you can take it at your own pace. Go through each money move as you have time and circle back whenever you need a little refresher
What format is the course?
The course is comprised of video lessons, worksheets and text.
Is personal coaching included in this course?
No. We do not offer 1:1 coaching services in this course. Stay tuned.
How do I know this course will work for me?
This course is 100% guaranteed to work for you if you follow the homework and instruction. All the information is based on Shannah’s money expertise that she’s taught thousands of people over the last 15 years.
What is your refund policy?
If you complete the first two money moves, implement everything, and aren’t satisfied, we will give you a refund. This means you need to provide evidence that you implemented all the strategies, and made an honest effort. We do not offer refunds if you don’t do the work. If you want to see real change in your finances, you’ve got to be willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work it takes to better your situation.

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The information in this course are resources for educational purposes and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual. It is expertise expressed by Shannah Game, CFP®, MBA based on years of working with personal clients and the experience of The Life Currency. No information in this course should take the place of consulting with a Certified Financial Planner Professional and tax, legal or other financial advisors.